Ecosystem Early Adopter Program

Watr’s Mission is to make Watr Protocol the public blockchain home that connects commodity flows with a vibrant ecosystem of new and traditional participants.

The first priority is to encourage the deployment of commodity and asset flows on the blockchain and kickstart a self-sustaining ecosystem. To that end, the Watr Foundation is backing an incentive program to give early participants the chance to earn WATR tokens and non-token incentives commensurate with their willingness to drive growth.


10% of the
Token Table

100 million tokens estimated

being made available for early adopters and allocated to asset flow incentives.

  • A staggered token distribution skewed towards earliest adopters.
  • A number of specially curated non-token incentives managed by Watr Ecosystem developer: Neo Holdings.


  • Ability to access collator rewards and governance benefits through token holding.
  • Opportunities to shape the requirements for the bilateral trade marketplace.
  • The d’apps and ecosystem will naturally favor the earliest participant flows and use cases deployed on the protocol.
  • Brand marketing value to be a pioneer in the first-ever executed buy/sells on blockchain.
  • Be a founding participant in the new home for commodities with purpose built, focused UX.
  • The Watr testnet environment is the perfect safe place for interested participants not yet familiar with the space to deploy code, test ideas and educate internally.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the Watr community calls – raising core topics and subjects relevant to their use cases and requirements.
Ecosystem Early Adopter Program

Non-Token Incentives

Potential incentives are tiered based on commitment of flows.

$15-50M in Asset Flows in a 12 Month Period

Sponsored enrollment to a blockchain executive education program at a top US school (maximum 5)

Co-sponsored and arranged hackathon or SME facilitated workshop to cover the themes and questions of the participants choice (maximum 4)

$50-100M in Asset Flows in a 12 Month Period

New commodity listing smart contract fully developed by Watr to the participants’ specifications (maximum 3)

Governance Seat and vote for a 12 month term available from the governance 2.0 rollout (maximum 3)

$100M+ in Asset Flows in a 12 Month Period

Invitation to run a collator node with support from Watr Foundation infrastructure partners (maximum 5)

Governance Seat and vote for a 24 month term available from the governance 2.0 rollout (maximum 3)

Curated sessions with Watr Foundation Council and advisory board to help translate business models and practices. A unique opportunity to work directly with a team positioned to understand participant needs and requirements encompassing compliance, privacy, risk tolerance and internal approval huddles (maximum 2 per year)


To enroll in our early adopter incentive program and ensure eligibility, please contact our team on

It is important for all participants and collaborators to be familiar with the key risks and legal considerations of working with utility tokens. An overview of these will be shared with all applicants.

Enrollment window and Submission deadline TBC.

Asset flow calculation can include commodities or stable-coins.