Beyond trust there is truth.

The greatest and most urgent dilemmas - and the sustained fortunes - of our generation have their roots in commodities.

They are the food we need, the fuel, metals, minerals, plastics… the raw materials for everything we consume and everything we pollute.

They are central to everything but our relationship with them is broken.


Inefficient and opaque supply chains have led to record commodity prices and shortages.

Watr has amplified this because many are now more selective about where they buy from.


Extraction of resources are still exploiting people and the planet. There is systemic child labor, slavery, oppression and environmental degradation in commodity footprints.


We finance these activities with our consumption and have no visibility to know or choose.

Buyers like Apple, Tesla and Nestle no longer want to. They have demanded different models.

So have commodity financiers. Many have opted out until there is an alternative and left a 1.7 trillion dollar shortfall in trade finance, when it is most needed.


Producers, miners, farmers, energy suppliers want systemic feedback and price differentiation to direct their investment decision and incentivize new flows, new supply chains and new operating models.

But the market is not set up to enable this. So they guess.

…but commodities remain one of the last giant verticals largely closed off to external participants due to their complex and vast safety, regulatory, security and geopolitical tapestry.

We're removing the barriers to access so all of us can solve the challenges facing the commodities market together.

As the first public and open Layer 1 ecosystem designed and built in a partnership between commodity and blockchain giants, Watr is designed with the privacy and compliance guardrails required for the commodities industry to enter the world of open-source Web3.
The roadmap is structured to ensure thoughtful and low-friction onboarding so both can enjoy the true benefits of collaboration, innovation and active participation.

Opt in Privacy

  • User-level control of information privacy
  • Privacy of blockchain transaction history
  • Privacy of user information i.e a trader wants to purchase assets on the Watr platform but doesn’t want their trading algorithms, balances, identity, or portfolio to be known to competitors

User & Institution Identity

  • Single, shared identity across the Watr ecosystem
  • Opt-in, user defined verification levels with sovereign choice of what data is shared with whom
  • Opt-in to Know Your Customer (KYC-AML) gradients for institutions and participants i.e a user wants to purchase assets from an institutional participant and the institution requires a certain level of KYC for all users participating
  • Integrations with off-chain KYC-AML vaults and providers

Asset identity

  • Each asset has unique attributes driven by its origin and journey to consumer 
  • Asset Identity provides the living title, provenance, footprint data and lineage of assets alongside all other technical attributes
  • Attributes are attested to, stress tested and verified by various market participants including the supplier

Watr Ratings

  • A living accumulation of an institution or individual’s attributes and performance across financial and ESG metrics – self selected and sovereign
  • Enables living KYC-AML and preferential access to financing, partners and customers

Stable coins

  • Asset-backed, regulated stablecoins with a proven track record will be native on Watr 

The Endgame.

  • Consumers’ awareness and demand for choice have unleashed a land grab for the future of resources and commodities. Values-based consumption and pricing is unavoidable – with a whole new breed of participants redefining commodities trade.

  • Provision of energy, metals, agriculture will be governed by smart digital contracts created by suppliers as well as large global customers and individual consumers – able to define the very specific and tailored footprint they want their consumption to finance. All the way upstream.

  • Creation of contracts, pricing, definition of sustainability metrics and launching contracts are democratized – no longer defined by a centralized exchange, one or two bespoke contracts, indices set by pricing agencies or the most powerful incumbents.

  • Every smart contract will have externalities (carbon, supply chain characteristics and ESG attributes) embedded, priced and made transparent per the Customer’s specific requirements.

  • There will be no single standard of ‘good’. ‘Good’ becomes personalized, defined at an individual, organizational or municipal level: x tons of GHGs, y% female participation, SDG 1, 6, etc… vs top down.

  • Market making is democratized (minimizing need for intermediaries) and those fees are shared with customers and the producers.

  • KYC-d decentralized financing will come into play in commodities – with each actor having a sovereign verifiable WatrID.

  • Defi: decentralized credit, financing through asset tokenization and peer-to-peer lending (with KYC-AML guardrails) will be a viable and attractive alternative to bank and balance sheet financing.

  • Pending regulatory approval, a first regulated, tokenized and decentralized exchange for commodities, will go live on Watr. It will be co-owned by industry participants for mutual profit.

It will bring inescapable innovation, efficiency and transparency to resources.

This will happen with pioneers from industry, trade and the legends of the last hundred years’ prosperity – fueled by energy security, supply chain integrity (and all the hard lessons learnt from painful mistakes made along the way) – at the table.


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